At AdmitKard we aspire to make global education accessible to every student through the application of digital data and analytics.
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Back-end Engineer

Salaries start at ₹ 14 LPA
Experience: 2+ years
Amazon web services
Typical interview process
Intro Call
Tech interview
F2F interview
Meet with Rachit
Job description

- Working as Senior Developer with agile teams to work towards a final goal.
- Designing and taking ownership of micro services.
- Writing scalable, future ready, and maintainable code having independence of implementing better architecture.
- Insisting on high standards and hence creating top-notch services.
- Handling the all necessary aspects in implementation of new projects.
- Hiring and developing the best.

The ideal candidate

- (2-3) years of strong experience in backend tech stack to develop scalable services.
- Experience with using distributed database and architecture.
- Passionate and driven about scalable and extendable micro services.
- Have experience of any popular frameworks like ExpressJS, MongoDB, Python etc.
- An eye for scalable infra with low latency.
- Good problem solving skills.
- Experience with devops workflows and responsibilities to handle infrastructure.

Know your manager
Vishal Srivastava
Head Of Technology
Leading Tech at AdmitKard. Ex-CTO and Co-founder at Dyfolabs. Worked @Amazon and @Adobe. Studied @IIIT Allahabad.

- Work with a fantastic team of young, smart, energetic engineers, pushing themselves to produce the A-Z platform for students searching for courses online.
- Independence of implementing better architecture and lead project in your own style.
- Feel a sense of ownership of your work and recognition of your efforts.
- An opportunity to see yourself grow with the organisation.
- Regular outings

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