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The hiring experience was very satisfactory, and I liked how the process is well managed, neatly automated. Quality of talent was quite good, excellent coordination with Talent Managers with timely interventions. The product is not complicated and gives quite a lot of details about each candidate’s experience & strengths.
Ganesh Naik
Head of HR, eBikeGo

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"It’s really convenient to identify the right candidates on the product. Makes our decision making quick & easier!"
- Rajat Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CTO at SkilloVilla

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Get a dedicated Talent Manager to assist you through the hiring process with feedback & insights, scheduling of interviews, coordination with candidates until the day your new hire joins your team.
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"Our Talent Managers have been very persistent & given a good support. Quality of sourcing is very good, and they iterate quickly & well to fit our hiring needs."
- Sarah Fernandes, Senior Talent Acquisition Associate at Media.Net

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Our first hire on Big.Jobs turned out to be a great asset for the organisation. Extremely delighted with the quality of sourcing.
Worked out really well for DoctorPlan. I was able to hire and have the new employee join our team in days. That’s the fastest hire I’ve ever made.
Our Talent Managers have been very persistent & given a good support. Quality of sourcing is very good, and they iterate quickly & well to fit our hiring needs.
Got highly relavant recommendations and hired my first Product Manager in just 12 days to join the team at no Notice Period.
I was able to make two job offers in 30 days for my Full Stack Technical Lead position that had been vacant for months.
Sarah Fernandes
Senior Talent Acquisition Associate, Media.Net
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We're a team of engineers & data scientists with the sole focus of enabling businesses around the world hire the best talent, so that they can focus on what's most important to them. We take pride in solving complex recruitment challenges while maintaining a high bar for the quality in our work and how we collaborate with our candidates & hiring companies.
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Jobs offers are down by 50%., an initiative from Big.Jobs is a free platform helping Indian talent impacted by COVID-19 find new jobs