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In two months, we hired a solid Senior DevOps Engineer and a QA Engineer on Big.Jobs. The quality of candidates have been consistent since day one, the product is informative & super easy to navigate. Our Talent Managers made the process real smooth.
Siddhaarth KB
Assistant Manager, Talent Acquisition, Coindcx
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It’s really convenient to identify the right candidates on the product. Makes our decision making quick & easier!
Rajat Aggarwal
CoFounder & CTO, Skillovilla
We’re very happy with the kind of candidates recommended to us on Big.Jobs. Applications are highly relevant, so it’s easier for my team to push the profiles ahead.
Komal Jagwani
Talent Acquisition Executive, Coindcx
I was able to meet great candidates on Big.Jobs that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.
Vinayak Agarwal
CoFounder & CTO, MyHQ
I met my perfect Head of Engineering candidate in just 2 recommendations. My Talent Manager helped conclude the entire interview process in just 1 day. I closed the hire and he joined in just 2 weeks.
Mayank Tewari
Co-Founder & CEO, Skeps
The hiring experience was very satisfactory, and I liked how the process is well managed, neatly automated. Quality of talent was quite good, excellent coordination with Talent Managers with timely interventions. The product is not complicated and gives quite a lot of details about each candidate’s experience & strengths.
Ganesh Naik
Head of HR, eBikeGo
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Highly relevant candidate recommendations! Conveying information to Talent Managers is easy via the messaging feature in the product.
Saurabh Mishra
Engineering Manager, O.C.Tanner/
Got great insights and recommendations to tweak our job position. We closed our open Full Stack position in 24 days that was open for 3 months!
Bhabani Panda
Director Product & Software Engineering, O.C. Tanner

What our customers say

Our first hire on Big.Jobs turned out to be a great asset for the organisation. Extremely delighted with the quality of sourcing.
Worked out really well for DoctorPlan. I was able to hire and have the new employee join our team in days. That’s the fastest hire I’ve ever made.
Our Talent Managers have been very persistent & given a good support. Quality of sourcing is very good, and they iterate quickly & well to fit our hiring needs.
Got highly relavant recommendations and hired my first Product Manager in just 12 days to join the team at no Notice Period.
I was able to make two job offers in 30 days for my Full Stack Technical Lead position that had been vacant for months.
Sarah Fernandes
Senior Talent Acquisition Associate, Media.Net
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